Quarter size or smaller
(A little less than an inch in diameter)
Half dollar coin size
(About an inch and a half in diameter)
Apple size
(About two inches in diameter)
Football size
(About two and a half inches to three inches)
Crease / Body Line / Aluminum
(Price varies based on damage)

Please note that this pricing information serves only as a guide. Dings and dents must be evaluated in person by our technician for a final estimate.  Additional dings/dents on the same panel can be included at a discounted price. The largest dent is always the starting price.  These prices assume dents of average depth and access. They do not include charges for removing and re-installing a roof-liner or front and rear bumper.

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Mobile Stereo Installation
(Car deck installed conveniently and professionally; hardware not included)
Window Tinting - per Window
(Best quality film, any shade, lifetime warranty)
Window Tinting - 5 to 7 Windows
(Best quality film, any shade, lifetime warranty)
Headlight Restoration - One Headlight
(Most plastic headlights haze with time reducing visibility & safety)
Headlight Restoration - Both Headlights
(Replacing your headlights can easily cost hundreds of dollars)
HID Headlight Upgrade
(Color options from blue to bright white; ask us)
LED Interior Lights Upgrade
(Price varies by how many you wish to upgrade)
Reverse Lights LED Upgrade
(You can combine all the upgrades for a discount!)

For mobile interior detailing - cars, trucks or SUVs - please contact our partners at A Street Auto Detailing or SoCal Mobile Auto Detailing.